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= Hot =

Date : 7 April 2002
Venue: NEED Entertainment Theater

The latest Drama I directied.
Firstly, I was try to give the feel of
“HOT?to my audience..
but.. at last.. I gave them another kind of feel.

- Visually cool. Mentally Hot. ?lt;br> Dunno I translate it right or wrong.. however..
This story is talked about
The feeling of a man after he broke with his..
hhmm.. (>.<)
girlfren or boyfren.

It was a post-modern style..
Firstly.. a man come out from the stage.
Then he started to sit down and
Turn around the toy infront of him...
After some time.. another man come out
Doin a set of hand-exercise..
After some time again..
The man standing there stop doin
the exercise..and take out his cloth and shout..
with no sound..

if you dunno wat am I writing.. its ok..
because my english is poor.. soli :P

I want to thank you:
  • Duglas Wong, my teacher..
  • Aron and Li Quen, my actor..
  • and Bjork
  • Mr. Paul Dye for your wonderfull
    Pagan Poetry and So Broken mix..
Oops.. I nearly forgot..
If you want to know more about the srcipt..
Click here
to see the hand written version
of my script..and its in chinese..
so.. sorry for those that dunno chinese..
and.. I recommended a film named “Lan Yu?.
it was a beautiful and gorgeous film..
it was talked about the life of 2 gay partner..