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Welcome to my Remix page,
most of these remix is made by
Future Beat 3D, ACID Pro 3.0, FB Wave Editor,
Creative EAX, Creative Recorder and Fruity Loops Pro.
er.. i also cut and paste some samples to my songs..
if any question or any suggestion, feel free to email me ..

Ops.. almost forgot..u need a Real Player to play these songs..
sorry for the inconvinient..
By the way, You are the th visitor.

HiddenPlace PPEM PPHPB
Hidden Place (Experimental Mix) Pagan Poetry (Experimental Mix) Pagan Poetry (HP + BnD Mix)
ISIA NewWorld PaganPoetry
I Seen It All (Bass and Drum Mix) New World (Bass and Drum Mix) Pagan Poetry (Bass and Drum Mix)
Cocoon Undo IndianBeat
Cocoon (Bass and Drum Mix) Undo (Guitar+Bass and Drum Mix) Indian Beat (Funky Version)